Wires for Empathy unites more than 76 artists working from 22 countries in a production drawing on the world's oldest, most universal story. Wires is inspired by the Gilgamesh epic, which comes down to us through countless mutations in culture as an incomplete, conflicting set of fragments and variations. But in this version, Gilgamesh is a woman with a military past who seeks out a cure for death, and becomes the animation's own frames.

Elephants Dream, the original Blender open movie directed by Bassam Kurdali, proved it possible to make high quality 3D animated films using free/libre tools in the studio. Wires for Empathy is a new experiment, this time in distributed collaboration—a love letter to free software and open culture that marks their convergence with independent filmmaking.

The finished film and its mountain of data assets will be released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike and the GNU General Public License, meaning you can use them for anything—even commercial appropriation—at no charge, as long as you allow others to reuse your work on the same terms.

Call for Sponsors and Donors

The award-winning Urchin collective invites your support!

The team behind Wires for Empathy have been recognized by the Museum of Modern Art, Venice Biennale, Prix Ars Electronica, and Academy Awards. Their internationally lauded work ranges from indie projects to blockbusters.

A notable project in a popular medium, Wires comes with buzz and an in-built audience. Our previous indie work has screened widely in festivals, and been seen online by millions. Its liberal license allows it to travel freely and also appear in less conventional settings, as a staple demo tool of new technologies, stores and trade show floors. And since its only license caveat is attribution, your sponsor credit will show in every one of the innumerable screenings the film continues to have over time.

Patron Sponsors — $7500: Top sponsor billing/Logo acknowledgment on film and website
Sustainer Sponsors — $2500: Prominent named acknowledgment in film credits and logo on the website
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Backers — $50: Get your name in the credits as a backer

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